Micah 6:8

"He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does YHVH require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God."

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sugar Free - Iced Capp

I am a Canadian girl, and as such, when the summertime rolls around I love to indulge in a Tim Hortons© Iced Capp. I, however, am trying to eliminate sugar and chemicals from my diet. This can pose a problem as this tasty treat is loaded with both. On top of that, the Iced Capp is filling. If I indulge in one I am likely not going to eat anything else for a few hours. So what is this girl to do? Give up a favourite summer treat or re-invent it to serve her purposes? If you said re-invent, you are correct. What I am about to share with you is a very yummy and much healthier alternative to a Canadian favourite.

Sugar-free, Iced Capp

1 TBSP instant coffee granules
1 TBSP cocoa powder
1/2 TBSP xylitol
1/2 - 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/4 cup cream (optional)
ice and water to taste and thickness preference

  • add all dry ingredients to nutribullet® and blend well
  • add almond milk, cream, and a wee bit of water and blend some more
  • add ice and blend again
  • pour into mason jar or large glass and enjoy
This is quickly becoming my new summertime favourite. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Glass Etching

I am going to show you and perhaps guide you through the exciting world of glass etching.
Where to begin? 

First you should gather you materials.
For this project you will need a container of etching medium (I used Armour Etch and I bought it at Michael's)
a stencil (I will tell you how to make one later on)
an exacto knife, a cutting board(preferably glass or plastic)
clear contact paper, scotch tape, a paint brush, rubber gloves, a sink with running water and an old rag

Next you will need to find something glass that you want to etch on. I chose mason jars, we currently have our toothbrushes in them in the bathroom and they were kind of plain, so I wanted to make them prettier. Next you need to decide what you are going to etch onto them. I decided to go with simple cut outs of people. I searched on google for images that would work. You are going to have to make a stencil so do not try anything to difficult at first. Start easy. To make the stencil you need to print out your idea as large as you would like it. Next you will cut a piece of contact paper the size of your image. Tape the contact paper onto the cutting board so it doesn't move around. DO NOT remove the backing of the paper yet. Next tape your image on top of the contact paper. Make sure everything is secure. Now you are going to take your exacto knife and carefully and slowly cut around the image you want to etch through all of the layers. When you have finished cutting you will remove all of the tape carefully and you should have something like this,
Now you are going to carefully remove the backing from the contact paper and adhere it to the glass. Do this very carefully. You want to make sure that you press down all of the edges very securely. You do not want the etching creme seeping under the stencil.
Now comes the fun part. Put your gloves on and carefully open the etching creme. This stuff is very corrosive and will eat your flesh so please be careful. Take your paint brush and carefully apply the creme. Brush it on in one direction and then brush in the other direction, right to left and then up and down. Then just kind of clump it on there.
Now you wait. The container said to wait five long and dreadful minutes. It is hard. Find something to do. Check email, go to the bathroom, read  blogs, check Facebook. Just make sure you wait the full five minutes. I actually waited a little bit longer. About seven minutes. I like to make sure everything is nice and etched. After you have finished waiting you are going to rinse your project under running water. I use warm water. Please keep your gloves on for this part. I use the paintbrush to help remove the creme. Just keep rinsing until you are fairly certain there is nothing left on there. Don't freak out when you are doing this and think, oh no it didn't work, it did. The thing is when it is wet you will not be able to tell that it has worked. Peel the stencil off in the running water. Then take your rag and dry the whole thing off.
If you have any sticky stuff left on the glass just use something to remove it. I used goo-gone. Now stand back and admire you work. Think of all the amazing things you can make. Gifts for friends and relatives. Labeled water glasses for your family. The possibilities are endless. If you try it let me know how it worked for you. I would love to see your finished projects.
Here is what mine look like on my bathroom counter.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A year ago....

I can hardly believe it has been almost a full year since I have posted on here. I am so sorry to the few of you who may read my blog faithfully. If you are still around, thanks. So much has happened to myself and my family in the past year that I would like to take the time to update all of you with a general overview of our life the past 11 months. So lets get started.

When I last posted we were getting ready to celebrate Passover. We as a family have only ever celebrated passover as a guest at someone else's home. This year we celebrated in our own home with guests of our own. It was a wonderful experience and once again we are excitedly looking forward to Passover.

Sadly, that was to be the last Passover that I would be able to partake in  traditional foods such as matzoh ball soup and store bought matzoh. In May I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease and that is pretty much where my focus has been ever since.

I got my official diagnoses the day before the May 24 weekend. I didn't change my diet then as I knew we were going camping with my Aunt and Uncle and I didn't want to impose diet restrictions on them so last minute. I enjoyed a great time with them and indulged in smores with graham crackers for the very last time.

June came and with it a determination to get my house and kitchen in order. I had read so many books while I was waiting for confirmation of Celiacs that I already knew what had to be done. A BIG purge and clean of my entire house was on the schedule and with it came shopping trips to restock not only food that was safe but kitchen utensils and cookware. Gluten is sneaky and gets stuck on everything and most surfaces can not be cleaned of it so they must be given away to gluten eating friends. It was a sad day for me when I packed up all my stoneware and took it to a friends house. I was blessed by another friend though in return. She sent me a new stoneware baking pan and every time I use it I am reminded of her blessing and God's provision.

We as a family decided that all of us would go gluten free. My hubby has diabetes and his endocrinologist actually told him it was a healthier diet for him so that helped. Honestly, I did not want to have to make two meals three times a day to feed my family, nor did I want to have two sets of everything in my kitchen. And my kitchen is so small that having two of everything really isn't a luxury that we could afford or accommodate. We as a family have been completely gluten free since June. One of the most wonderful things is that within 1 week of going gluten free I no longer had migraines. I had come to a place of having a constant headache, it had been 30 days with a headache when I received my diagnoses. Seven days later no more headache and the only time I get one now is when I am overtired, or the air pressure changes drastically.

Something else also happened in April, I signed up with Young Living essential oils and we as a family started to incorporate essential oils into our everyday lives. Although we did not use them as much as we could have,  we had them and enjoyed them when we thought of using them. This has changed recently and we now turn to them daily and use them for so many things.

Summer came and went and nothing to exciting happened around our home until the fall. We decided one year after the death of our family pet that we as a family were ready to add another dog to our family. So now we are the happy owners of a black miniature poodle named Zoe.
Life for us this past year has been an adventure. I am learning to cook for my family all over again. We are on a food adventure and so far we are enjoying it. I do miss challah on Shabbat, so very much. I hope to be able to find something comparable someday, but so far I have not found a light and fluffy sweet bread that is gluten free, or a recipe to make one. In the meantime I have decided to further my education. Remember, I stated that I signed up with Young Living, while learning about and using the oils, I have developed such a love of them that I want to know more. Therefore, I enrolled in a distance course in January to receive a Level 1 Certified Aromatherapy Certificate. Someday I may be able to go further and receive a Level 2 Clinical Certificate, but homeschooling my boys and schooling myself, while running my home are already taking so much time.
If you want to learn more about essential oils along with me you can always go check out my Aromatherapy blog and like my page on Facebook.
Hanukkah for us this year was a wonderful time of reflection on Yeshua the light of the world and what it really means for us to follow his commands and let our light shine before men.
In January our oldest celebrated his 10th birthday and in February our youngest celebrated his 9th. We are so thrilled with the men they are growing  to be. They are far from perfect, as are we all, but they have a desire to love and serve YHVH and we are thrilled to be doing life with them.
And that brings us back to today. I am still educating my kids at home. We are still serving YHVH. I am training a puppy. Loving and serving my hubby. And we as a family are growing closer to each other everyday.
What has this past year brought to you and your home?