Micah 6:8

"He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does YHVH require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God."

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The day after....

Well, I don't have anything exciting to share with you all. I guess God had other plans.
NO ONE even noticed that I had released 20lbs since they last saw me. I was saying to Lévis on our way home that I didn't even care that they hadn't noticed. Now for those of you who know me well, that is HUGE. Normally I would be really upset if someone didn't notice that I had lost weight, cut my hair, had something new on. BUT I really wasn't bothered. I guess God had something different to teach me. It wasn't how to share Him with others, (I am sure that will come later) But for right now He wanted me to be happy with me, because of Him. NOT because of what other people thought about me. Not because of them noticing the weight I have lost. He wanted me to be content in knowing that I did this for Him and not for the approval of men.
WOW! I honestly didn't see that coming. Here I was so worried over what to say, how to respond when they noticed me and all the while God was wanting me to just notice Him.
Thank you Jesus, that I got it. I was happy and content knowing that this is about You and Me. No one else 's opinion matters. Yeah!!!
For all of you who had me in prayer, I am sure that is part of the reason that I responded so differently then I would have in the recent past. So thank you.


Christina said...

That is so awesome! I have been feeling similarily stumped, as I posted on my blog before! But I knew that it was really about something greater then me going on, that God was working on something:-) I appreciated your insight about it being about doing it for God and you not for men. What great insight and validation...which I will apply to my journey as well! Thank you for being sensitive to God's leading:-) I have been praying for you lots over the past few days and will continue:-)

trainedbyhorses said...

What a great testimony! Of course, you will have a season where EVERYONE wants to know how you lost all the weight. Then, it will all be gone and you will live there the rest of your earthly days...all the extra weight gone...and your "Very Great Reward" will *continue* to be your very wonderful Savior and Lord...just as He is now...cool, huh? You are learning how to fly now!...and you are such an incredible student of His with a soft, impressionable heart. Oh, how He loves you so! :D

Paula said...

"You and me, no one else matters", praise God, that's right where I am right now.

DownsizingDeeva said...

So my comment on the last post did come through after all. I feel so humbled now that I read your response, I have also been waiting for more people to notice, instead of just being happy with myself, He has taught us all! I feel like so many things are fallng into place right now. I was so happy that the kids were excited about Church again after attending the new one here in town, I am feeling better with myself as I lose weight, but also as I mother my children better... I miss our weekly get togethers... we may have to set something up again.