Micah 6:8

"He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does YHVH require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Walking the Walk

I want to say sorry to all of you who read as I am finding I am terribly bad at staying up to date on this blog. I am full of good intentions but have not been finding the time to spend on the computer. What have I been doing with all the time I use to spend on the computer you ask?
I am walking. I am doing my Thin Within book study and I am reading my 30 day Walking the Walk. All of this adds up to alot of time on me and my relationship with God and not much time for computing. I will try to post at least once a week, I will try. I also want to add a spot on here to track my walking but I am not very computer savvy so it may take me some time to figure it out. For now I will share with you something that I was reading the other day that has me really thinking.....

Imagine you stop at a convenience store, buy a jumbo bag of potato chips, say grace in your car, then chow down on the entire bag. You'd feel pretty silly wouldn't you? Thanking God for the potato chips would feel false, because you know you were about to do something harmful to yourself- something God didn't want you to do. You may have plenty of reasons why you need to pound a bag of potato chips at that moment, but doing it for God is not one of them.
What if you really did do all your eating and drinking for the glory of God? What would your diet be like? It would be full of foods that would keep you healthy, because God wants us to be healthy so we can do His work.
Now, the question is, Why don't you always eat or drink for the glory of God? Could you? Should you? Would you benefit from doing so? What do you have to lose by trying?
Leslie Sansone Walking the Walk pg63

I think the reason I don't always eat the healthiest choices is because of habit. I KNOW that the healthy stuff tastes good and I enjoy it but the unhealthy stuff tastes good too. I believe that having the unhealthy stuff on occasion is not a problem. I do think for me though that I may need to give it up for a season as I am continually drawn to making bad food choices when the unhealthy stuff is readily available. I will purposely eat less so I can have the sugary sweet dessert. I know how bad sugar can be for my health and yet I want it. I need to decide if my wanting it is taking away from my walk with God. Not that having dessert is a sin. It is not. Hear me on this, BUT for me I am choosing to put something (dessert) above God. And that is what the Bible calls an idol. So for me at this moment in time having dessert is a sin because of the value I am placing on it. Make sense? I know that I will benefit from this, as when I eat alot of sugar I tend to get headaches and become extremely tired.
This is my goal, to give up sweets. For how long I am not sure. I will pray about it but I can say with confidence that it will most likely be for a very LONG time as they have a very strong hold on me.
I want the hold of sweets to become the hold of God.

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