Micah 6:8

"He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does YHVH require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am sure that all of you can relate to what I am about to share with you. At least to part of this confessional at least. The grossness that is a slow draining and partially clogged shower drain. You know what I mean. You are in the shower trying to get clean and all the while you are covered in soap scum and filth that is gathering around your ankles because the drain is partly clogged.

Gross, right?

I am not talking about a little bit of water, I am talking about a couple of inches of water. I have tried the regular Drano route and seriously it helped for a short time, a very short time. We have a hair catcher thing on our drain to catch most of my mane when it falls out in the shower, but hair still gets down there. What are you to do? Well let me tell you. You are going to buy something that looks like this,

It is called a "Zip-it". And it is my new best friend. Using is not my friend. That job I gave to my lovely hubby who willingly put on gloves and got to work. You will want to open a window, wear gloves , plug your nose. It will smell. Think, raw sewage!! You wouldn't think that hair and shampoo could smell so foul but it does. Once you stick this thing slowly down your drain you are going to very slowly pull it back up. Be prepared, it isn't pretty. I didn't take any pictures, thankfully other people have so this is a little sample of what you may see coming out of your drain.
Gross, right? Trust me it gets worse. I will not show you any more. Just let me tell you that after you pull out lots of gross hairballs the size of golf balls and tons of black sludge, your drain will be working like new. Your tub will be filled with this stuff, so you will need to clean it. If you are curious you can look up videos on YouTube, there are tons of them there. Just please do not have food near you when you do.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Deep Sigh

This is the day that my entire week leads up to. The day that everything else revolves around. The day that we look forward to with anticipation from the time the sun sets on Saturday evening until the sun sets again on Friday evening.


The day Adonai has set aside to meet with Him. The day He has hallowed. The day He has commanded us to never forget. To keep it Holy.


May your Shabbat be blessed as you rest in Him. As you study His word. As you worship Him by keeping His commandments.


His day. Given to us as a gift. Receive it and be blessed.

Shabbat Shalom

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Pinterest Challenge for Myself

I have decided that I am going to challenge myself to completing at least one project that I "pin" on Pinterest every month for at least the next year. So to start things off I am going to show you the project that I have completed this month.

This is the bag I made that is based off of a "pin" that can be found here .
And this is what the inside of the bag looks like,

I made the body of the bag out of denim. Because denim is thicker then cotton I didn't use fleece  between the outer and inner layer. I actually didn't have any fleece on hand so I used poly quilt batting to pad the strap. I used interfacing between the two layers on the flap to give it some stability.
So although my version is not exactly like the one I "pinned" it is close enough for me to call it a completed "pin".
What have you "pinned" and completed lately?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Shabbat Prep Day

As a young girl growing up I remember fondly the smells of the holidays.  I remember the house smelling so good for hours on end. My mom would wake early, as she always did, and she would begin cooking for the day. I would wait all day in anticipation of the amazing meal that would be served at diner that night. There were always leftovers that would be used for sandwiches the next day. Mom didn't really cook the day after a holiday. I suppose, because she had been cooking for hours on end the previous day. Now that my own family no longer celebrates those holidays you would think that I would miss the traditions and food of those special family times. Joyfully, I can tell you that I do not miss it at all. In fact what we now have is so much more meaningful.  I get to relive smells and food that I loved growing up, every single week. On preparation day, my home is alive with scents and smells that I have held dear for years. As I prepare on Friday for Erev Shabbat and Shabbat I am blessed by the smells all around me.

Challah and Cinnamon Buns

My home smells divine and I know that for the next 24hrs I will not be preparing food for myself or my family. I love that God has blessed us with a day to refrain from work and to rest in Him. It is a blessing to be so busy on Friday, and in that busyness anticipation of what is to come grows. Every Friday at sunset as my family and I gather around the table and welcome the Sabbath we are reminded that God too rested from His work on the seventh day. May you be blessed as you rest in Him.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sew What!?

I spent my afternoon making a purse for my friends daughter. She has seen my purse and asked if I could make on for her as well. Of course I agreed. Only having boys, I don't often get the chance to make girly things :)

Here is what my purse looks like,

It is full. Therefore it doesn't lie flat for photo taking. I was happy with my purse until I made this one today.

Oh, it is so pretty. I think I will be making myself a new purse come spring. Something brighter and cheerier than what I have now.