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Friday, March 16, 2012

Math Storybooks!

In my quest to encourage my youngest in his math studies, I have stumbled upon math storybooks. I have never used them. I have never read them. In fact I didn't even know that math storybooks existed. I am familiar with number books and counting books, but that is as far as I thought math picture books went.

I was wrong.

Not only wrong, but these books look absolutely fun.
Colourful with engaging storyline and teaching math skills and concepts all throughout.

If you are unfamiliar with math storybooks here are a few I have stumbled upon,

A Place for Zero: A Math Adventure   -     
        By: Angeline Sparagna Lopresti
A Place For Zero

What's Your Angle, Pythagoras?   -     
        By: Julie Ellis
What's your Angle Pythagoras

The Grapes Of Math  -     
        By: Greg Tang
        Illustrated By: Harry Briggs
The Grapes of Math

If you have used math storybooks to help teach math or just for reading enjoyment what is your favourite story?

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